As we know, woven label is most popular labels in garment and fashion industory. Woven label can be sorted by the following principle.

1,Sorted by weaving process,We have taffeta woven label, satin woven label.

2,Sorted by weaving machine, we have trim woven label machine, needle loom woven label machine, shuttle loom woven label machine.

Normally, we need to determine which kindly of weaving process we are going to use by the complexity and color of the label and the flexbility clients want.

For example, If the design is very complex with many color and many details, we suggest clients to use taffeta woven label.When we got the final woven label,

You will find out the details on the woven label is very beautiful, you can also double the weft yarn to get a 3D view on the label.

Made by trim woven label machine, the fabric can be heat divided when coming out from the machine, or as a 20cm wide tape or more then use ultrasonic dividing machine.

The disadvantige of heat dividing is the boarder of the label will have tiny nagtive feeling, not so soft. But ultrasonic dividing and cutting machine will solve this problem.

So if your label is colorful, complex, 3D effection, and close to skin, you can use trim woven label machine combined with ultrasonic dividing and cutting.

If you want to get a cheaper price, not so strict about the feeling of touching, you can choose trim woven label machine with heat cutting.


So, The advantage of trim woven label is as follow:


1, Cheaper, can be with a wide trim woven label machine which is 1m,

2,can be with ultrasonic dividing and cutting, supply you a soft touch, and colorful details

3, with heat cutting, offer you a cheaper solution;

The following is some picture of trim woven label


Needle loom woven label is a more expensive option, for the width of the machine is fixed, hard to adjust, but the label has a woven boarder which you will never worry about the boarder will loosen,


at least it can give you a confidence like that. it is more stiff than trim woven label, but it has a more beautiful boarder. it has both taffeta and satin option.


Even with satin process, the needle loom woven label is more stiff than trim satin woven label, especially divided and cut by ultrasonic.


So, The advantage of needle loom woven label is as follow:


1,woven boarder, which looks more high end,


2,decided by machine, the width will be more precise,


3,stiff feeling, which you may like.

The following is some picture of Needle looms woven label






Shuttle looms woven label is the unique one which is combine the advantage of needle loom and trim woven machine. It is soft, and also with a woven boarder.


And it is more than that. It is brief, clear. comparing to normally other labels with lots of yarn woven or loosen on the back, shuttle loom woven label has only a few yarn woven in the back where has logo.


When you look at the back, just only a few yarn there from one end to another. And it can be easily pulled out if you like.


But it has a few limits or we can call it disadvantage.


1,the width of shuttle loom woven label can not be more than 5cm. if your design is more than 5cm, you have two option, to reduce the width, or to use other type.


2, The MOQ for each design(including size label like S,XL, M.) is 3000pcs, if less, we will charge that by our lowest consumpiton.


3, Sample cost. Normally we will charge one time and adjust the woven label till you satisfied with the sample. But for shuttle loom, we will charge it each time you need to change or adjust.


4)Color, it can present only less than 4 color including the background fabric. If you do like the shuttle loom woven label but with more than 4 color, we can use heating transfer process for your extra colors with more cost.


5)efficiency, sample time, 10 days, bulk order, 20days according to your quantity.


But with its advantage, more high end suit, fashion products, are with shuttle looms woven label.

The following is some picture of shuttle looms woven label





Hope this article can help you to determine what woven label you want.


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