Hot melt adhesive is a plastic binder in solid state at room temperature, heating, melting quickly after bonding.

Its characteristics:
(1) bonding usually from the glue to cement cooling rapidly, only tens of seconds, or even a few seconds
(2) adhesive range wide for many materials, even to recognized difficult adhesive material (such as a polyolefin! Waxed paper. Carbon paper) can also be bonding, especially the use of hot melt adhesive bonding joints can be subjected to 105 – 106 times more than the bending and cracking
(3) may repeatedly heat, repeatedly bonding
(4) performance stability for storage and transportation
(5) low cost hot melt adhesive without solvent consumption, avoids the presence of the solvent, and the adherend deformation dislocation! And shrinkage defects, helps reduce the cost and improve the quality of products! “However, there are also some disadvantages of hot melt adhesive” is mainly heat resistance and adhesive strength is low, not suitable as a structure the use of adhesive “because the melt viscosity of hot melt adhesive material is generally higher, the wettability is poor, often need to pressure bonding, in order to improve the bonding strength; in addition, hot melt adhesive requires special equipment in use, such as hot melt coating machine gun, so to some extent limit the scope of application of hotmelts. The temperature range of its physical state with temperature change, and chemical properties of the invariant, non-toxic and tasteless, is environmentally friendly chemical products.

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