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cotton woven label tags baby clothes

Product features:

cotton woven label is a kind of label which is made by cotton yarn, it has soft feeling and suitable for baby' clothes, kids' clothing,and high end fashions.

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Product Details

Pure cotton woven label can give you very good feeling when you touch it. And it is harmless to the enduser of the garment who is sensitive to polyester. And its perfect property is suitable for high end t-shirt, suits, coats, bedding. Our customized pure cotton woven label can be made according to the following details: 1, basic fabric : 100% Cotton 2, Shape option: Laser cut round, Laser cut free form-free shape, hot cut, 3, color option: multiple color available up to 8 colors. 4,Advantage: Cotton as raw material give your excellent hand feeling. 5,Usage: widely used in T-shirt, coat, trousers, toys, etc. 6,Logo option: Logo and brand name can be customized.

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