Racing embroidery patches

Racing embroidery patches are widely used on the racing coat. It can be iron on or sewn on the back of the coat or attached by Velcro. The embroidery patch on the left is 24.5x16cm.


Embroidery patches are a very popular items used on garment, bags, shoes, etc. And they have a traditional raised look and feel, which is achieved by densely stitching thicker threads into a twill fabric backing.
Racing embroidery patches are one of the typical patches used on garment. Normall they are with huge dimension and exaggerated logo.
We have four sample embroidery machine with four heads. and 50 sets of tajima 20 heads embroidery machine.
For racing embroidery patches, Our MOQ is 10PCS. If you have requirement less than 10 pcs, we can also accept it but with a higher price than sample cost.
Pls check the following more pictures of racing embroidery patches.

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