Linen Tag – 200 wash cycles guaranteed

Heat resistance woven tag specifically designed for linen or garment laundry management. 200 cycles guaranteed.
Air interface: ISO18000-6c(EPC C1G2)
Chip: Ucode 7(m)
Frequency: 860~960MHz
Size/mm: 87*17 or 60*20

General Specifications
Product Name LinenTag
Air Interface EPC C1G2, ISO18000-6C
Frequency 860~960MHz(Worldwide)
Size/mm 87*17 or 60*20
Chip NXP Ucode7 128bits EPC
NXP Ucode7m 128bits EPC, 32bits R/W
Reading Range(1) 87*17 up to 7m(22ft)
60*20 up to 5.5m(18ft)
Mounting Method Stitch, heat-seal, embed
Operating Temperature -40~85℃ (-40~185℉)
Storage Temperature -40~120℃ (-40~248℉)
Housing Material Cotton, polyester and epoxy
Laundry Endurance
Maximum Rating 220℃(428℉), 30s, 2.5bar
Washing 100℃(212℉), 60min, 120bar
Pre-drying in tumbler 160℃(320℉), 30min
Tunnel ironing 180℃(365℉), 30min
Sterilization 134℃(273.2℉), 20min, RH85%
Water extract 60bar
Chemical resistance Water, oil and all commercial washing detergents
Life time 200 cycles guaranteed
(1) Read range is strongly dependent upon multiple parameters including reader, environment and application.

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