fire Resistant woven label

Our fire resistant woven label is hard to light on. And we are ironwear' certificated FR label. hard to be light and can easily resist to 190℃. Hope one day, we can have chance to work together for new project. We have designer for new label


Being in this industry for more than 10 years, we are continuously exploring the environmental friendly and safe trademark. We have developed the special woven label post-processing funciton like soft touch, starched, water/oil-repellenting, flame retardant, crease-resisting, anti-yellowing, easy decontamination, antistaticing etc. And the fire retardant clothing tags is one of our famous functional products which is very widely used on fire fighting suit, iron on wear, safety wear. We are also a certificated label supplier for ironwear. Hope we can be partner in one day.


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