Acrylic keychains

Acrylic keychain is a promotion gift which is easily used as a every day carry item. It can be done without mold but with a little higher MOQ. a few thousand is enough. With higher MOQ, the price will be much cheaper. And it can also be combined with other items together with all connected by the keyring


Around 1 million laser cutting acrylic keychain was done by our laser cutting workshop which is responsible for making laser cut woven badges, wooden hang tag.
The keychain can be with only one custom cutted acrylic with keyfob or with more than 2 layer glued acrylic sheet then with a keyfob which we can exactly manufacture according to your specification.
The thickness of acrylic used for keychain can be 2mm to 10mm which we can handle.
We have a chart for you to choose from for the color of the acrylic sheet.
And we can laser cut the sheet according to your AI or dwg, or pdf, etc.
The following is more acrylic items we have done.