Iron on glue is more popular used in garment accessroies. It is no limited to size for woven label and embroidery badges. Its advantag is easy to use and also cheap to use which can save your time and money to custom DIY.

We don’t need to buy a stiching machine, We also don’t need to buy special expensive equipment for iron on.

What we need is just a widely used iron which is popular in each house.

The step of getting a iron on item on is as follows:

1, Set dry iron on 350℉

2,Place your patch on the fabric*

3,Cover patch  with lightweight cloth

4, With firm pressure, iron the patch for 30 seconds

5, Turn fabric over and iron on the back for another 20 seconds

6 Enjoy your very own creation

The following is more iron on glue items for your referrence.

*works on cotton blended fabric


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