KDL Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is not just only a supplier but a partner to weave your business to sucess.

Each of our garment accessories have their own attributes, therefore we have posted numerous online samples for you to review. Our garment accessories are manufactured to have excellent depth of detail, luxurious sensation to the touch and most importantly to be pleasing to the eye. We believe a work of craftsmanship should reflect skill and excellence. KDL garment accessories will help turn your project into a work of art from start to finish.
Why choose KDL Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.? Quality and reasonable lower price. If your garment or project requires a high-end impression, we are your source. 
KDL Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. has more than 14 years manufacturing garment label, some skilled workers are still with us since the company established in 2005. Our garment accessories have been widely used in USA, CA, Austrilia and Euro and you will be convinced that www.kdllabels.com is your best choice for all of your garment accessories.
KDL Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is also one part of Dongguan city Yunhecheng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Since 2018.


KDL Garment Accessories Co., ltd. was established in 2005, We focus on woven labels, printed label, embroidery badges, hang tags, poly bags 。

  1. 1
    Twelve years development experience

    Established in 2005, KDL has never stopped reserching and developing to improve customer satisfaction as an one stop garment accessories supplier. We began as a woven label manufacturer, then embroidery patches added, then hang tags, poly bags, etc. 

    And we are keeping moving.

  2. 2
    High experienced designer and skilled worker for high quality accessories

    Since 2005, we have workers and designers joined at the very beginning and now they are still with us. they are together with KDL to put customer satisfaction on the most important position. 

    Quality is brand’ life, especially we are making brand’ logo for clients. So in our company, Each employee in every process are focusing on quality and destail. 

  3. 3
    Big capacity for fast delivery

    More than 40sets of weaving machine, more than 50sets of embroidery machine, more than 10sets of screen printing machine, three shift worktime is available when orders rush in.

  4. 4
    Close to Shenzhen and Guangzhou for fast and cheap shipping

    We are both around 50km to guangzhou and shenzhen port. And we have our competitive agent who can supply us quick lead time but with a cheaper shipping cost when shipping by DHL, UPS, Fed-ex, TNT. 

    It is only 2 or 3 days extra but can save you lots of money, For example, 20 usd for 0.5kg to Canada but only 4days needed.

  5. 5
    One stop solution for all garment accessories

    Woven label/patches, embroidery patches, hang tags, printed labels are our main product, We also supply poly bags, zipper bags, shipping bags, logo seal, promotion gift. And we are in DongGuan city which is the manufacturing center of nice quality garment accessories, So we can also help our cients to outsource other accessories if needed.